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I paint with a drink...and vice versa

For me it's a social thing. I love to paint with people around...and a glass of wine. I don't have a studio; I paint at the dining room table and leave half-finished works propped up round the house. That way I see them a lot, often when I'm thinking about something else. And then I notice what needs doing next, how to get the final zing. 


Occasionally I even crop them, like you do on your phone, to make them more punchy. Only I use a saw, not a keyboard...

It all takes time. Sometimes it takes me months to finish a painting. But I think they turn out better that way.

I am, apparently, "accident prone". A few years ago I went to a pain conference in Switzerland...and broke my leg. It was history repeating itself: my Mum once sent me to self-defence classes and I broke my arm just doing the warm up exercises. I've also rolled two motor cars and concussed myself falling off a racehorse so, at 60, my body is somewhat weary and dented. My long-suffering wife is, I am sure, just waiting for me to injure myself somehow with a paintbrush.

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